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John W. 

Graves III

Welcome, family! John Graves Productions has been around for a while now and it still feels like the beginning.

I have learned that if you keep going and growing, your passions will make room for you and pave the way for others to find freedom in their passions. 

I'm in love with the arts, and I imagine you've got a thing for the arts too. Well, JGP is a display of my passions going and growing, and the permission many need to fulfill their dreams too.



JGP's mission is to inspire and enrich artists and the community through cultural entertainment & the performing arts. 

JGP Departments include Entertainment & Performing Arts, Education, Community Service, Mentoring & Internships, and our Repertory Company. 


Offer individuals (students, members, partners, etc.) the opportunity to experience the arts through excellent artistic and supervisory leadership; give individuals the outlets to discover their talents in a safe, creative, diverse, educational, and inspiring environment; create effective means to support the training and development in the arts; provide support for up and coming artists and performers, and preserving and supporting positive ideas and initiatives for the betterment of the community.



Integration of life skills through the Arts; Community Enrichment; Integrity; Responsibility; Safety; Personal & Professional Development; & Teamwork.

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