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John W. 

Graves III

Welcome, family! John Graves Productions has been around for a while now and it still feels like the beginning.

I have learned that if you keep going and growing, your passions will make room for you and pave the way for others to find freedom in their passions. 

I'm in love with the arts, and I imagine you've got a thing for the arts too. Well, JGP is a display of my passions going and growing, and the permission many need to fulfill their dreams too.

JGP's mission is to inspire and enrich artists and communities through cultural entertainment & the performing arts. 

JGP Departments include Entertainment & Performing Arts, Education, Community Service, Mentoring & Internships, and our Repertory Company. 


In 2007, John Graves produced "My Son, My Brother, My Friend" at Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. Shortly after, he began to build JGP to not only continue his artistic journey but to inspire the dreams of others within the company and the community. 

In 2024, the company celebrated seventeen years of producing plays and concerts. Plays include My Son My Brother, My Friend, The Christmas Musical, The No Name Play I & 2, Ambie Dickerson, The Perfects, A Conversation With God 1, 2, & 3, Psychosis 224, Baltimo Jawja, Moses, Black Kid Joy, and Black Nativity. Concerts include Heart Music 1 - 5, 100 Voices, Christmas with JGP, & Acoustic Nights. Dance Productions include Christ Human Condition.


Within its 17-year tenure, JGP has hosted several classes, after-school programs, workshops and seminars, hosted numerous performance opportunities for local artists, and seasonal festivities and events for the community. All while producing annual projects and traveling and touring with orignial and classic works. 



CEO, John Graves Productions

John W. Graves III, founder, and director of John Graves Productions (JGP) and Heres2CoolStuff Clothing Store (H2CS) is a Philadelphia native, entrepreneur, educator, student, producer, writer, and performing artist. He's received training from Evelyn Graves School of Performing Arts and Co., Freedom Theatre, Wilkes University, West Chester University, & Drexel University.


At the age of 19, Graves produced his first musical production. Following the success of the production, he founded John Graves Productions.


Since 2007, Graves has continued to use the arts to educate, enrich, serve, and inspire the community and audiences abroad. He has received several awards, acknowledgements, and citations from the city of Philadelphia and state of Pennsylvania and a special citation from the Governor of PA for his contributions in the arts over the years. 

Currently, Graves owns and operates Heres2coolstuff Clothing Store and John Graves Productions, while performing as his own artist, and traveling teaching, directing, and consulting theatres, art & entertainment companies, churches, and schools. 

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