JGP was established in 2007 as a non-profit multi-faceted company. Departments include Performing Arts, Art Education, Mentoring, Community Service, Intern Agency, Retail, and our Repertory Company. 

January 2015, JGP opened Here’s2CoolStuff Clothing Store (H2CS), a trendy retail store with New & Used clothing for men and women; and JGP Studios, a unique space for up and coming artists. 

In 2017 and 18, the company celebrated ten-years of producing ten plays.  Plays included, “My Son My Brother, My Friend”; “The Christmas Musical”; “The No Name Play I & 2”; “Ambie Dickerson”; “The Perfects”; “A Conversation With God, Chapter 1 & 2”; “Psychosis 224”; “Baltimo Jawja”; “Moses” and “Black Kid Joy.” 


Within its 13-year tenure, JGP has created and produced over 12 plays, several Masters’ classes and seminars in theater, music, and dance, annual music concerts - "Heart Music", "Christmas with JGP" and "100 Voices", monthly performance opportunities for local artists, dance concerts ("Christ" and "My Human Condition"), offered individual training in the Arts, and produced seasonal festivities, and a host of other initiatives. 


JGP has also performed in the main office of the United States’ House of Representatives, the Governor’s mansion, the Philadelphia Academy of Music, Freedom Theatre, in Universities and schools in Pennsylvania and surrounding regions, on Portland, Maine’s biggest stage, and is currently preparing for upcoming tours and their 2020 performance year. 


John Graves Productions (JGP) is a prominent Philadelphia entertainment company that uses the ARTS to introduce culturally diverse themes to its audiences. Our mission is to provide positive change to the community using quality initiatives in Art (performance and programs), Education (classes and internships), and Community Service.  

Through the artistry of founder and director, John Graves III, actors, dancers, singers, and musicians use creativity, imagination, and technique to confront audiences with relevant, inspiring, and thought-provoking works that give them permission to face their fears and live in freedom. 


JGP Studio

1214 South St. Philadelphia, PA. 19147

Tel: 267.341.8511 | Email: JGP.information@gmail.com 


Tuesday - Friday: 2PM - 7PM
Saturday & Sunday: 1PM - 8PM

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