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John Graves Productions (JGP) is a prominent Philadelphia entertainment company that uses the ARTS to introduce culturally diverse themes to its audiences.

Our mission is to provide positive change to the community using quality initiatives in Art (performance and programs), Education (classes and internships), and Community Service.  




Whether a beginner or master of your craft, JGP provides support, education, performance opportunities, and a network of artists and resources. Our team is starting a recruitment campaign to ensure as many people get the opportunity to shine and share their talents with JGP. Join our  artistic community! 

Auditions are held twice a year. Subscribe to keep up with our upcoming auditions. Otherwise, feel free to send a headshot, resume, and/or any other casting materials to at any time. 

We are looking for:

Singers, actors, dancers, musicians, photographers, videographers, writers.

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Once a month, John Graves Productions opens its doors in support of local artists. As a home and melting pot for artists, we understand the successes and hardships associated. We hope this small appreciation helps artists continue in art and service to their community and most importantly their talents and gifts.


If you are interested in being a featured artist, please click here.

If you are looking to attend, please click here to see when the next one is happening. 

Acousic Night


Whether you're an artist, student, or art enthusiast, we welcome you.  Volunteers support JGP in a number of ways during production runs and show days. Duties can include greeting patrons, assisting guests with seating, sales, tickets, on and off-stage help, etc. 

For more information on joining our team, please contact us at or click here


Between JGP social events, productions, & clothing store, there are ample opportunities to sell your goods and services. Productions, Concerts, & Pop-Up Shops range from $75-$100. Interested in Vending? Click here.


Rent a space at Heres2CoolStuff Clothing Store, Saturdays, during regular business hours to promote your business, set up shop, sell your goods, etc. Every Saturday. Perfect for local designers, artists, and business owners looking for a home to house their goods. For more information, please email



JGP's Internship program is designed to offer support and hands-on experience for students, graduates, and apprentices interested in their chosen occupational field of study and/or interest. 

INTERESTS: Performing Arts, Art Education, Administration, Theatre, Sales & Marketing, Fashion & Design, and more. 

For more information, please email and tell us what you're interested in. For information on our classes, visit our Education Department page




Within a given production, an average of over 600 families from the greater Philadelphia area attend and take home with them playbills listing a host of business and organization blurbs, sales, and services. JGP playbill advertising - A terrific bargain! 

All ads include a 3 month Social Media spread, and Website Listing, and a Sponsors review (a video montage of all sponsors before, during, and at the end of our virtual plays and productions).

Back Page: $175 | First or Last Inside Page: $150 | Inside Page: $125 | Half Page: $100 | Quarter Page: $65 | Email us here for more information or to get started. 


Rent Our Space



JGP Studio, 1214 South St, Phila. PA. is perfect for rehearsals, meetings, events, pop-up shops, retail, and more. Rental packages go from $50 - $100 per hour. Rental hours are from 9a - 11p. To get started, please fill out this form. Otherwise, email us here.



JGP relies solely upon the generous support of individual donors, program sponsors, grants and ad partners to produce quality programming and services.  We hope that you will consider joining us in sponsorship to help us with our endeavors. For more ways to support and become a sponsor, click here.

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