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It is an honor and privilege to be able to produce and direct one of my Grandma's timeless pieces, not only because of the jaw-dropping music and performances, but this wonderful story speaks to the core of my faith and upbringing. Joining the cast are members of the original cast from the 70's, many of the faces and voices you've come to love from JGP, along with some of Philadelphia's brightest stars. 


This Mother's Day, enjoy Dinner & a show at the Evelyn Graves Dinner Theater as we celebrate the wonderful mothers in the audience and the lasting impacts they make in the lives of their families and communities. Join us for this very special occasion. 


  • Enjoy Show & Dinner - Your choice of chicken or fish, macaroni & cheese, rice pilaf, green beans, and salads, soft drinks, and desserts. 

  • Just the Show - Purchase a ticket for just the show, no dinner. 

  • Additional Performances - Enjoy solo performances, live music, and tributes before the play. 

  • PLACE AN AD - place an ad in the booklet to Mom or another loved one (picture, poem, quote, etc)

  • Vendors 

  • Giveaways for Mothers.

  • Prizes - Contests like "Mother with the most kids in the room", "Oldest/youngest mother", etc. Win gifts, money, and more. 

  • Pictures

Moses detail

, 4P

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